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Guest evilj98

I am an AS grad in the field of Technology. I have worked in the Telecommunications and IT field for about 6 years.

I recently decided to finish my Pre Med requirements and try to get into Med School here in Florida.

I was wondering what is a good way for me to begin working in the Health/ Med field with no real experience outside of a Nutritional Specialist Certification that I have.

I would like to get into the Medical system and work in a hospital or clinic, but I do NOT know what I should apply for.

Any ideas? I really don't want to take any other certification courses that are outside of my medical field, but I am VERY open to suggestions.

I was thinking of getting my Phlebotomy Certificate, but that is another 150-230 hours of school that I may NOT really want to take. I want to stick to the basics without getting too side tracked.....

Thanks in advance,

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