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Prereq courses for U.S Med Schools

Guest RaiR

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Hi everyone!


Thanks to all who post, this board is a great help to clueless folk like myself :)


Could anyone tell me what sort of prereq course are usually required by most/all U.S schools, and if any would know the equivalent of those courses at U of T?


Thanks a lot, and good luck to everyone!

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This will vary. You'll have to get the latest MSAR (Med School Admissions Requirements) or check each website, but generally:


1) One year of physics with lab

2) One year of biology with lab

3) One year of general chemistry with lab

4) One year of organic chemistry with lab.


Some will require a year of English or Psychology. Others will require a set amount of liberal arts courses. Still yet, others will require a year of math in various forms (statistics, calculus, etc.) Again, you'll have to check each school for specifics but if you have the above four courses you should be ok for most schools.

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Guest Steve U of T

Does anybody know if OAC credits are acceptable as prerequisites? I've heard rumours that they might be considered as university level courses in the U.S.


Anyways, to RaiR, at U of T, you can fulfill a year of physics with lab by taking either PHY110 or PHY138 (you can also do PHY140, but that's the one for physics majors, which might not interest you). A year of bio with lab should be satisfied by BIO150. The year of general chemistry with lab is the reason I asked about OAC credits. CHM139 is a half course with lab, and some people take CHM220 to get a second half credit in general chemistry, although that doesn't have a lab component. As a non-chemistry major, there aren't really any other options.

Organic chemistry can be satisfied with CHM138 and 247.

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