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Guest confused555



Does anyone know of a website that sums up the pre-requisites for US med schools?


I know that OMSAS does it in a nice chart...is there anything similar to this? It's pretty time consuming to search through the websites of each med school!



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Guest studentz

if you have...

1 yr gen chem

1 yr orgo

1 yr bio

1 yr physics


(all wih lab)


1 yr calculus

1 yr english

0.5 biochem


you're pretty much set anywhere. Most US schools say they want "liberally educated" people and advise students to take social sciences and humanities apart from the above.

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The only thing that comes close is the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) which you can buy off amazon.com. But otherwise, the above post is pretty accurate. I would even say that most schools do not require calculus or biochem. Some schools require off the wall things like psych, and places like USC require 30 credits in the humanities, something that might be hard to do if you did a science degree in Canada.

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Guest 15Sacha

Hi Confused,

I thought I would sum up the schools that I was told accept Canadian Students. Check out their websites to see their pre-requisites. BTW if anybody notices a school that has recently changed and no longer accepts canadians, please let me know.


1. Albany Medical College


2. Columbia University

3. Duke University

4. George Washington University

5. Harvard Medical School


6. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


7. Northwestern University Medical School


8. Penn State


9. Tufts University School of Medicine


10. Tulane University School of Medicine


11. Wake Forest University School of Medicine


12. Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine


13. Yale University School of Medicine



You can do a google search for the rest of the website. This may help you narrow down your choices to those that actually accept canadians, so you don't waste your money.

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