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I was just wondering what the general timeline for applications to the US is. I'm confused about rolling admissions and what that means. I'm planning to apply for entry in Fall 2005 and I've already written my MCAT. What is the next step to take and when do I do it?




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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


Your next course of action may be to take a look at all the US schools and choose which are of interest to you. This will determine whether you will need to apply via AMCAS (which is the body to which most of the US medical schools subscribe to help run their application cycles), or some of the other routes, e.g., the Texas system, or independent schools.


You'll find lots of good information re: deadlines for AMCAS schools here:




As for rolling admissions, it is a system where time is a big element in the application process. That is, unlike most Canadian medical school approaches, many US schools use rolling admissions wherein the applications are evaluated as they are received. This does not happen in any of the Canadian systems that I know of; they choose to set a firm deadline, and only after the deadline, will the applications be reviewed. One large implication of rolling admissions is that it behooves the applicant to send in their application and related materials for those schools as early as possible. If the applicant gets their materials in first, then they may have a better chance at snagging a US spot. However, if the applicant waits too long or procrastinates a wee bit, then the chances of acceptance lower.


Cheers, and good luck this year,


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Guest thesaug



Along with what Kirsteen has told you, I also have some advice. The first day that you can submit your AMCAS application is June 1st. I suggest that if you have time, to access and register your application (that is get an id and begin the app) in May. Start working on your personal statement and your 15 activities that you would like to describe. Try to submit the entire application by latest mid July, but the earlier, the better. I submitted mine on July 4th, and that worked out fine for me.


One thing that I didnt realize was the issue with the transcripts. At first, I thought AMCAS dealt with transcripts the same way the OMSAS system does, where the transcript is requested by the application service, but this is not the case. Once you register onto the AMCAS application, you will see transcript forms. Print them, fill them out and send them as soon as possible to your university. These forms have to be attached with your transcript...it makes it easier for AMCAS to sort through. Do this as soon as you can, like when your final marks are released. That way, your application will be complete quicker. Due to my lack of knowledge about this, my application was not complete until the third week of July, which was still ok because of the extra time i had given myself.


If you can follow all that, you should be good go. Other that this, just make sure you pick your schools well. I ended up applying to many schools, and it really hit me when I had to fill out all their secondaries...i think Kirsteen can attest to that as well! The good thing about submitting mid july is that you should start getting your secondary applications by the end of July and throughout August. That way you can work on them before school starts up again (assuming that you are returning to school next year).


Good luck with the applications!



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