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<threadtitle>Clerkship question</threadtitle>






<title>Clerkship question</title>

<pagetext>Ok, so to change the subject from the countdown (30 hours now?)...


I was wondering if there is a core emerg rotation in clerkship at UofC or if you can only do it as an elective?


Thx... and now back to making sure my phone is working :)

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Guest phantom8

The only mandatory emerg you do in clerkship is 1 week of emerg during your Pediatrics rotation at the Alberta Children's Hospital. If you do your family medicine rotation in a rural location then you'll get an opportunity to do some emerg too (e.g. I did family medicine in Claresholm for a couple of weeks and spent my mornings and call doing emerg).


Hope this helps!

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Guest wattyjl

maybe i can ask a few more questions regarding clerkship, as it will be a factor in my decision where to go.


i'll also add that i tried looking for this info in other threads, but with ~20 pages and a useless search function (sorry ezboard, but it's true) it's kinda tough...


anyway, here we go.


as i understand it, following first year, there is a 4wk preclerkship elective, that many people do internationally, can someone give me an approximate time on when this is? does it still happen in july? the publicly accessible info on the UofC website looks pretty ancient, so i just wanted to confirm this.


also, what does "integrative" mean? there seems to be a few weeks set aside for this preceding holidays and clerkship.


finally, if things are still the same, it looks like clerkship starts in march of second year, where the core rotations are listed followed by electives. someone posted there is only 10wks of electives at UofC due to the somewhat shorter program - how are these 10wks alloted during clerkship? i.e., when do they happen? 2wks here, 2 wks there, or all 10wks at once at the beginning or at the end? is there flexibility?


thanks very much to anybody who can provide some insight, and sorry if these have been addressed a billion times (that website needs to be updated!)





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Guest Jerika81

1) The 4 week preclerkship elective that marks the beginning of 2nd year is in July.


2) Integrative is a fun course that you do once at the end of first year and once at the end of second year. You're in a small group of 5 or 6 people and you have a preceptor who you meet up with for a few hours each day and as a group you work through patient cases where actors come in and act out the part of a patient. So one student will take a history from them, another will do the physical exam. Then the group will discuss any test that should be done and get the results of those. Then a student will go and explain to the patient the results of the tests and what their diagnosis is. It's generally pretty fun and is pretty slack in terms of work load.


3) There are 24 possible ways to organize your clerkship schedule, and depending on which option you get your electives are at various times throughout the 13 months of clerkship, although they are in minimum 2 week blocks as an elective can't be less than 2 weeks. The large majority (~20) of the choices start with 6 weeks of electives and have the other 4 weeks somewhere else.


Hope that helps!

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Guest Lorae

Just an addition to point #1.


The 4 week pre-clerkship elective is slotted in July, but people can juggle their 2 weeks vacation around. Plus if you don't have any exams to rewrite, you get another week off.


So my 1st year elective schedule is:

1 week off (no re-writes - yahoo! :D )

2 weeks CCU

2 weeks vacation

2 weeks ICU


then back to the grind ...


Hope that helps

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