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Good luck!

Guest Huffer

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Hey there everybody,


As the final hour approaches, I just wanted to wish all of you message board posters good luck putting the finishing touches on your applications (or doing the entire thing if you are a procrastinator and left it to the last minute like I know has been done many times in the past).


I know it's a long way off and there's still a couple of hurdles in the way but we're already planning next year's O-week - should be a gooder!


Anyway - it's all going to be out of your hands soon so no stress! And if you're one of those last minute types, quit reading this forum and get to work!


Can't wait to meet you for your interviews,


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Guest Unknown


(This post is missing and can not be restored)</pagetext>




<threadtitle>Wasn't able to submit</threadtitle>






<title>Wasn't able to submit</title>

<pagetext>I had everything done except for that "continue" button!


Anyway, I can apply next year, I still have 3 more years of my undergrad to do.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for Mac and UBC.


Physiology (i'm actually in pharmacology though)

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