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Might miss O-week?

Guest pinkmango2005

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Guest pinkmango2005

Hi! This questions goes out to all the mods. I just found out I was waitlisted at U of A and will likely be attending U of C in August (which I am totally excited about, except for my dilemma below!).


I'm attending an event this summer that's kind of a once in a lifetime thing. Unfortunately it runs until August 7th. As O-week starts August 3rd, that would mean I would miss all three days and all of the first weekend's activities too.


My questions are:


1) Is O-week mandatory? (ha ha....if it is then that would make my decision pretty easy I guess!)

2) Will I be totally confused in terms or paying fees and all the other administrative stuff that goes on during that time if I don't attend? Will there be a chance for me to meet up with someone to get caught up and get everything in order?

3) Do you think I would regret not being there seeing as how it is a major bonding time for the class? Ha ha...I don't want to be the only kid in the class with no friends!

4) Anyone out there that missed O-week and totally regretted it/was glad they did (ha ha..not likely as your class seems like lots of fun!).


I'd love to hear some of your advice. I'm so torn. The info that was sent to us sounds like a lot of fun but at the same time I have already put down a nice chunk of money for my ticket to the conference. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


P.S. Sorry to all those people who had their eye on my spot (esp. happy2beme:) but yes...I found out I was waitlisted at U of A today and will be hanging on to it.

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Guest happy2bme

Once in a lifetime opportunities come around......well , once in a lifetime!

I'm sure other students at UofC can chime in and let you know how crucial it is, but the fee stuff etc. you could contact the office and arrange on your own and I'm also sure that some other lucky accepted applicants on this board could fill you in on what you've missed while you were gone. As for bonding, heck you have 3 years to do that!


I believe the small groups are assigned and not chosen by students so I don't believe you'd be "last picked"(oooh bad grade five dodgeball memoriies are coming back to me, but I digress...)


But I don't think you are going to have to worry about it anyways because I've got my black cast iron pot out and am working on some kind of crazy voodoo/white magic spell to get you into U of A, and thusly moving that darn U of C waitlist!! (rubbing hands in sinister way)


Take care pinkmango and who knows I may end up being one of the students at UofC to catch you up on what you may have missed at O week!Anyways I'm still happy!

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