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selling my laptop

Guest dhowser

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Guest dhowser

hey incoming U of M Meds. My name is Zam and in Med 2, so you will be seeing me next year!


I have already sent an email out to the rest of the classes about my laptop that I have for sale and I'm gonna give you guys the same chance to look at this laptop too. >:


Here is the link for it:




Mine is in perfect condition, used for about a year at med and was amazing for me. I received another laptop as a gift so I am selling this one. I bought it originally for almost $3000 but I am selling it for $1700. So if you guys/gals are looking for a higher end cheaper laptop, this is the one for you!


Email me back at dewj@hotmail.com if you guys want it or just need more info.


Thanks!! And I will see all of you during O-week!!



Med 2

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