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Cool site - and ahhh! another question - re: structure

Guest Makunouchi

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Guest Makunouchi

Digging some old threads and found this link:




also looking at threads about the curriculum:








And now... the question:


I am familiar with the general style and schedule of the curriculum. But I would like to know how much overlap there is in the lectures/smallgroups/cases.


e.g. general overviews in lectures, management of diseases in small groups? combination?


How much are students expected to know prior to the small group sessions?


thanks again... I think that is my last (major) question

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Guest Jerika81

In my experience from this year, small groups are done after you have learned all the relevant information to "solve" the cases in lecture.

As an example, if you are supposed to do 5 cases on thyroid problems in small groups, you will have already had lectures on the different thyroid problems, how to diagnose them, possible investigations to do, and how to treat the different problems, etc.


So if you go to all the lectures and pay close attention then you should be ready to participate in the small group sessions. You can still go even if you've missed all the lectures and have no clue what a thyroid even is, but the small group will be much less useful to you then as you won't understand half of what's going on. Also, depending on who is precepting your small group, there are occasional preceptors who will use just point to people in the group and ask them questions, and it always feels better knowing the answer than saying you have no clue (even though half your group might also have no clue).


I find the small groups to be one of the most useful components of the curriculum. The often clarify things that I didn't understand in lecture and they solidify what is being learned in a very clinical way.


Hope this helps.:D

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