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Statistics need not be boring nor scary

Guest Kirsteen

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


Over the past few days I've had a few folks here in Glasgow request some resources on different types of statistical approaches used to solve various clinical research problems. One of the commonest comments seems to be that they've found quite a few texts on statistics to be loaded with frightening equations and dull math jargon. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Many statistics texts can be oppressive.


However, there are a few statistical resources out there which--shocker--actually make stats palatable. One series which I recommended, and which I use myself, when I need to refamiliarize myself with seldom-used techniques, is the Douglas Altman series in the BMJ. Dr. Altman is a fantastic communicator of statistical concepts, and his series of statistics articles in the BMJ (dating back to the mid-'90s) are short and readable. The topics span the basics of normal distributions up to some of the more advanced techniques such as regression and survival data.


These papers are generally 1-2 pages in length, rarely contain any equations and are geared for the busy physician who is looking for a quick and clear means to understanding a statistical concept, perhaps because they're considering using it in their own study.


Here's a link to a Tufts site which has conveniently collected all of Dr. Altman's BMJ papers:


BMJ/Altman statistics papers collection




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Guest Littlest Zooropa

:eek OH WOW!:eek


I totally have an internist breathing down my neck about crunching the data in HIS damn study - THESE ARE GREAT!



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