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OSAP - "current entitlement"

Guest KJ

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I have a question about the "current entitlement" on the OSAP page for those who have applied before. I submitted my application on July 8 and checked my updated status today. The amount in the "current entitlement" section is lower than what was estimated when I submitted the OSAP forms online.


Does this mean that the current entitlement is the confirmed amount I will be receiving?



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Guest 29trish

Do check that out though. If you didn't change your stats (how much you would by making during the summer, etc.) from the original time you applied, then it shouldn't have automatically changed **unless** originally you were up for a "needs based" bursary. In that case, if more people were in need you may have been shuffled down the list.


I temp in the OSAP office of my school and see ALOT of screw ups, both by students in filling out their aps and by the OSAP folks. It's ALWAYS worth checking out. Good luck!

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Guest satsumargirl

The financial advisor at Ottawa I spoke with said that that estimate isn't accurate and neither is the estimate on the NSLS (national student loan services??) website. Who knows how the computer estimates...does it use our actual tuition amount etc...


Intuitively you'd think it wouldn't change if you had no variable factors. But say you have a car and they value it at an amount that is different from what you entered etc...

Then things could change because they will just change the value of your car. But if you don't have a car, or undeclared savings etc. that could have affected your application then I don't imagine it should change that much.


So whatever shows up as what you are entitled to after your application has actually been assessed is what you are going to get.


If you think it is really wrong you can appeal via your financial aid office. e.g. with the car, if you think they value it too high you can get an official appraisal and submit it etc...

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