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Guest oO0chickpea0Oo

OK, so I went to Kingston again this weekend (3rd time!!) to find a place, and I'm glad to say I finally did...And only on the third try did I find a LOT of very nice places!! So for those of you still looking, here's a bit of info to help you find some of the nice places still available...and I'll also let you know what to steer clear of...Email me/message me if you want any of the phone numbers for these places, although they're also available off the queen's housing site.


1)268 Johnson

-$400 a month (all inclusive!!) and it's internet ready!! You'll live in the same house as the landlord, and you only have one other roommate (other than the landlord--He's really nice!) The rooms are big and so is the bathroom, and everything's furnished, and the closets are big too :)

-Drawbacks would be that the fridge is small (like the one you use in res) and there's no living room for you.

-Otherwise the place is great and only 12 minute walk to class!


2) 144 Bagot (apt 6)

-STEER CLEAR, or use only as a last resort! The other apartments in this place are great, but not number 6.

-You walk in and your head hits the ceiling because the roof slants down from where you enter towards the ground...the bedroom is also all slanty, and tiny and with no door or closet and they ask a lot for this tiny place.

-Bonus is that it's only 7 minutes from Botterell, and you get to live all by yourself, if you like that privacy.


3)248 Alwington Place

-The place is located in the wealthier side of Kingston, and the house is gorgeous!! the room is fully furnished, you get your own phone line, high speed internet and full cable plus a TV all in your room, and all included in just $400 a month. I would've taken this place myself had it not been a good 15 minute or more walk from botterell...along the water...I get cold too easily, so this wouldn't work for me in the winter...But to each his own!


4)353 Albert

-This is a great place!! The room is a pretty good size (12X12) and you get a desk and wardrobe included with the room! There are 4 other girls living there, that are just the nicest things, and the house has 2 kitchens and 2 bathrooms, so no one really steps on anyone's toes. The best part about this place is that the rent is super cheap ($340/month util) and the room is already internet ready and has it's own phone line...of course you'd pay for that. They're looking for a girl to fill the space, and it's not far from campus either!! only an 11-12 minute walk to Botterell!


5)200 Collingwood

-Beautiful, spacious rooms!! all newly built and the house itself is spotless!! The landlord Harvey is also great!!

-The only drawback is that you can only move in furniture that can be completely assembled once inside the room (he doesn't wanna scratch up the walls)... Other than that, the house is 10 minutes to class and for $450/month util


6) 6 Couper

This is an awesome place!! The entire house comes furnished, and when you walk in it looks as though you walked into IKEA, because that's how nice the furnishing is!! Your room is the only part unfurnished, but it is carpeted (also from IKEA :) ) It's also only about 10 minutes from botterell and all for $475 util...ok so the asking price is a little higher than I'd want to pay, but if you have money lying around, this is a great place!!


7)209 Albert

I was going to take this place but then I budgeted myself, and it didn't work out. She asks for $500/month util, BUT the place is being newly built and the rooms are huge with huge windows and huge closets, and huge bathrooms and a huge kitchen and huge backyard!! it's only a 9 minute walk to class (i timed it :) ) and it's definitely worth it if you have the money!! The landlady is the nicest woman you'll ever meet, and there are 3 rooms still available (if you want to move in with someone).


8)194 Frontenac

-I would steer clear of this place for just this year...the house was just newly bought, and needs tonnes and I mean tonnes of work!! The new buyers have said they'll have it all done soon, but they hadn't started last week when I went, so I don't think it'll be done in time...this is why perhaps next year would be a good time to check it out, when it's all nice and purdy :) BUT the rooms are really big and so is the common area...so if you don't mind putting in a little/lot of elbow grease, then go check out this place!


OK...so my hands are getting tired now...I still have a few more places I'd want to tell you all about, but am too tired to go on...Message me if you wanna know about a place, because I've pretty much been to all the affordable ones (ie less than $600/month)


Hope this helps


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Guest nextstopmd

Thanks Chickpea for doing all that work. It took me a few tries going to Kinston to find a place as well, but I'm sure this info will help someone that is still looking for somewhere to live! You rock!

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Awlington...definitely a nice street and a nice neighbourhood. Certainly lots of students live further from campus (on West campus and beyond). I lived 2 blocks closer to school for the past 2 years and I enjoyed it...however, it is a much longer walk than most people have and it will take up an hour of your day (assuming you walk both ways). There is however, always the bus, which comes along Union every 15 min or so. But remember that Kingston has crazy weather and the winter is cold and they don't really clear the sidewalks properly around here. However, from the sounds of it, this place may just be worth it. Happy house hunting everyone!



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Guest seedstrike

Excellent job, pea...I can already tell we are going to have an excellent 2009 class.


Edit: my bad, drew...sorry class of 2008

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