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Last two year GPA calculation??

Guest RXK

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i have a question regarding summer courses being included in the gpa calculation of the last two most recent years of undergrad. if someone has taken a second year course in the summer before second year starts, will this course's grade be included in the gpa calculation? so, if someone is applying in their fourth year and queens will most likely only consider their last two years, year 2 and 3, will the summer course grade be included since it is a second year course? also, please keep in mind that a full course load has been taken in all years (5 full course equivalents for each academic year (sept. - may)


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Guest Elaine I

I was told by Anne Cumpson that summer courses will not count, when considering the last two years for GPA purposes. Each of the two years considered must be completed prior to the application deadline, and must include a minimum of 3.5 courses.



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