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No new emails? :-(

Guest Nops

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So is anyone else long in the face because of the silence?


After the initial word some people got on Thursday of last week, I thought there would be a steady trickle of movement this whole week. The silence is unnerving.


Did they send out ALL the second round offers on Thursday? Did we miss the boat again?


I can't help but hope for news, but I also can't help feeling left behind . . . .


Bil :evil

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Hey Nops,


I talked to Ann yesterday and she said she gave out 8 already, but some people still had not responded, which she was assuming would be rejections since yesterday was the last day for first round of acceptances. So I'm assuming there will be more to go out this week sometime. good luck with the waiting, I know it sucks!

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Thanks for the heads-up. A little bit of 'knowing' goes a long way. If the list moves as much as it has in year's past, they're only a tenth of the way down the list! Woohoo!



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