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Queen's Information at the HBSU Medical School Symposium

Guest Kirsteen

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


Dr. Peter Ellis (Chair of Admissions) and a Queen's medical student were present to share the following:


1) They tout that Queen's offers more geographical diversity in its classes than any other medical school in Ontario. Fifteen students out of the 100 in the medical student's class, alone, are from British Columbia.


2) Dr. Ellis noted that all the Ontario medical schools are currently in discussion regarding the adoption of the requirement that all applicants will need a four year degree. The decision regarding this issue should appear shortly.


3) Regarding interviews, last year, 500 individuals were interviewed, of which, one third were from outside Ontario. When selecting individuals for interview, Queen's first screens based on GPA and then on MCAT score. An MCAT score of 32 was required this year to reduce the interview pool to a size of 500.


4) Dr. Ellis finally noted that, like many schools last year, e.g., McMaster, UofT and Ottawa, there was a noticeable trend towards higher proportions of women among the matriculants.




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