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Why VR 9?


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Hmmm, Queens VR cutoff has been 10 since the beginning of time, so why all of a sudden a change?


Since cutoffs are based on the strength of the applicanat pool this year, could it be that this year's applicants were more verbally challenged than previous years?


I think a more plausible explanation is the structure of the new MCAT. 5 less questions means, less room for error cuz it's a scaled score. For example you could get 17 wrong on the PS section and get a 12, while getting 17 wrong on the VR would get you a 10 (based on AAMC's previous exams). To make a long story short, the VR section is more difficult in the new MCAT.


If the VR cutoff at Queens remains at 9 for the next couple of years, this theory holds some validity. If it goes back to 10, it's bunk. No longer can we advise others to aim for a 10/10/10/Q to be "safe" for the Ontario schools.

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