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Definitely! MellowYellow can prolly tell you more (since he's one of the head honcho's behind it) but here's a schedule of some of what's coming up (Mon 1 Sep is Labour Day):


Tue 2 Sep 8.15am

- Faculty introduction

- Meet your Doc Groups - led by 4 second years, we introduce you to each other, the campus and the city, answer questions and are your first contacts with the school.

- Lunch at Meds House

- Health Care Olympics - sports and fun games

- Queen's ID stuff and paperwork - you're with your Doc Group leaders so don't worry about the details

- Dinner out

- Medicus manu et corde ceremony - the traditional, historic candlelight ceremonial welcome to Queen's Medicine, the first time you'll recite the Hippocratic Oath

- Stages - one of the clubs


Wed 3 Sep

- class! But don't worry, they're easy on you the first day

- MD Management - learn about free financial services, and get a free lunch

- Memorial service - for the cadavers you'll be using during Phase I

- BBQ Dinner at Dean David Walker's house - meet the Dean and Mrs Dean, and their friendly cat!

- AJ's Hangar - yet another club


Thu 4 Sep

- class

- OMA/CMA presentation and free lunch

- 1000 Islands cruise - a boat cruise around the beautiful lakes/islands around Kingston

- Pizza Party

- Movie Night


Fri 5 Sep

- class

- Bank luncheon - the banks come by, give out free food and stuff and info on $/lines of credit

- Clinical Education Centre orientation

- Wine and cheese with faculty

- Semi formal dinner and dance

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