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Class of 2007 stats

Guest drews97

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Guest drews97

I thought it would be interesting to compile some stats on the incoming students this year. I don't mean marks (we got in, who cares what our marks are now!!) but info such as how old you are, where you grew up, and where you went for undergrad. So, if you'd decided that you're going to Queen's for sure next year (like I have), feel free to add on to this list.



Age: 22

Undergrad: 4 years at U of C for biological sciences

Grew up: rural Alberta!!

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Guest whenwillithappen



I did my undergrad at UofT, 4 year Toxicology specialist program. Age - 21


I'll be away for a month and won't be back till mid August. Hope I can find a place when I come back!!


Congrats!! to everyone going to Queen's.


Have a great summer and hope to see you all in the fall.

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