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Guest drews97

Does Queen's give out much financial aid to its students in the way of bursarys or scholarships? If so, how do we go about applying for them and how much can the average first year student expect to receive in aid (if any!!)? I haven't received my acceptance offer in the mail yet but is the relevant information in our package?

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Hey drews,


Yep, there's just under $2 million in student financial aid available, and you apply for it once you're here - after you've applied for provincial aid first. The deadline is end of October, if I remember correctly. This past year we didn't find out until end of January though if we got anything, but if you go in person to the Registrar's Office with the relevant info, they can tell you how much you'll get.


As far as what the "average" person gets... it's totally based on need, so I have no idea how to answer that one. At least half the class got a bursary, and here's the breakdown of how much we got (from the class census):


30% - $0 - 1 999

30% - $2 000 - 4 999

20% - $5 000 - 7 999

12% - $8 000 - 9 999

4% - $10 000 - 11 999

4% - over $12 000

(% of bursary recipients)

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