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I was wondering how the application process works for bursaries at Queen's. If we have an interview, should we be applying for a bursary now? Or, is this something that should be done only if we are accepted? When I received my interview invitation from Western they included an information sheet about bursaries that encouraged us to submit applications now. Those applicants who are accepted into the program are then notified about receiving a bursary. I was just wondering if Queen's works the same. Thanks

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Hey Beth,


We didn't apply for bursaries until after we started first year, the deadline was around the end of October if I remember right. You're expected to apply for provincial assistance first, and tell Queen's how much you're getting from your province as part of the bursary application.


Full disclosure: A lot of us were rather disappointed (to put it lightly) that we didn't actually hear back from them until start of 2nd semester though. Supposedly, the earlier you apply, the earlier you get an answer, but I don't think that's how it actually panned out... our class council is looking into fixing that. General advice for any med school - if you can, it might be a good idea to set up a line of credit at some bank branch near the school you end up going to as soon as you've accepted an offer, in case you need cash straight away.


Queen's scholarships (there are a few) are based on your entrance marks from undergrad, and I think you'll find out about these about the start of the year, when the class is finalised.


Hope this helps!

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