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Who goes to the interview events?

Guest Emila

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I have my interview on March 1 and I'm coming all the way from Waterloo so my boyfriend was going to drive with me.


Would he be allowed to go on the bus tour and come to the info session? Or is everyone else going on their own?


Does anyone know how long the drive would be?




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Guest TimmyMax



Drive from Waterloo to Kingston is about 3.5 hours, depending on traffic through Toronto and how fast you drive.

How do I know? I lived in Waterloo last year and drove out to Kingston for an interview there...


Best of luck!


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Similar question to Emila...


Did anyone have parentals drive them last year? If so, what did they do? I don't know what to tell my mom to do on the day of...I'd love for her to come on the tour and stuff, but also don't know how it looks. What did people do last year?




p.s. my question is open to moderators of all schools, so maybe its better to move my post to the interviews section, Ian. Sorry...thought about that after I started!

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Guest r6punkette

I brought a good friend along for the ride last year and he was welcome to all the events (bus tour, info session and he waited in the waiting room for me during the interview). I'm sure that won't change this year. You should check with the coordinators at each school though. For example, I didn't bring anyone to my Mac interview because the actual interview process took up a big part of the day and I don't think there were many social events.

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