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Registration package???

Guest TheWind

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Guest TheWind

still no sign of the "PACKAGE"........


Has anyone got their Registration package in mail, ie: info regarding orientation and most importanly the student ID and PIN which we need to pay the $1000 deposit.........


also any insight on the immunization stuff and student health form? already got my blood drawn for the Hep B Ab count, will get the report next week and I had my TB done during my researh project at OCI (PMH).....I was positive (immunized at birth back in Hong Kong) so needed to take an X-ray...........what else do I need as far as the immunization record concern? any help will be appreciated...........


Cya'll in Sep



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Guest Da Birdie

YO TheWind~


Package conataining your student ID etc?! Haven't you gotten your ID # in the same env as "what's up doc" ?!


What do you know! I'm also working in OCI (PMH) this summer!


I'm up on 9th floor (gallie lab)..are you on 7th?

Sigh, I've been slacking off too much these days...haven't even started on my poster yet : ( such a pain in the ass...


hm... do you know if all the needles/x-rays required can be done at PMH?! cuz I don't have a family doc here in toronto :(





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Guest TheWind

can't believe we are actually working in the same building...........I work in the 620 University Ave, which used to be AMGEN but not anymore


A good thing is that I dont have to do a poster coz I am a part-time rather than a summer student (I was in the your place some two years ago, though)


I guess I will have to call Anne coz I haven't gotten anything after the acceptance


as for the immune record, I think U can get the TB done on level 3B (health service) but I doubt U can get any needles from the hospital, just ask when U are there

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