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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Hi, I'm not OP but I'm a current Qmed student who was accepted with a 3.7 wGPA/ 3.4 cGPA from the general applicant pool. Please be careful not to make assumptions that lower stats = a member of a spe

Can't believe I finally get to post this... TIME STAMP: May 8, 8:43AM RESULT: ACCEPTED GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 515 ECs: Working RN, research, health-related volunteering, some RN-related provinci

ACCEPTED!!! Holy crap I can't believe this, I'm completely numb right now.  Time stamp: 9:31am EST cGPA: 3.75, 2YR: 3.9 MCAT: 131/127/130/125 (513) ECs: A lot of work (I graduated in 2018 from my

Accepted! :) 

Time: 8:50am May 10, 2016

Year: graduated 1 year ago

wGPA: 4.0

MCAT: 11/12/11

ECs: published research (not medical related), worked as kinesiologist and environmental scientist, volunteered at 2 hospitals getting direct patient contact, various clubs and student government.


I did really poorly GPA-wise in 1st and 2nd year, and have had to battle back a long way to be here. It feels surreal to finally be able to write this. Feel free to PM me if you want tips on how to turn things around.

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Timestamp: 6:57 AM May 10, 2016

Result: Accepted!

Year: 2nd year MSc

cGPA: 3.7

MCAT: 520

ECs: in my post history, hadn't seen them as a strength.

Interview: the mmi format surprised me a bit, but I think I really shined in the panel.


No idea what school I'm picking at this point. Financial considerations have me leaning towards Alberta schools, but Queen's was one of my favourite schools to be around on the interview day! Cudos all, and for anyone waitlisted, take solace (intended) in the fact that there tends to be good wiatlist movement for Queen's.

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Waitlisted, do they even reject people? Looking at last years admissions, i don't think ive seen a rejection... My interview was terrible so id rather just be rejected now then later. LOL


Timestamp: 5:54AM PST

Result: Waitlist

Year: 3rd year UG

cGPA: 3.93

MCAT: 519

ECs: somewhere on this forum

Interview: objectively terrible for both mmi and panel

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Timestamp: 7:01 AM May 10, 2016

Result: Waitlisted

Year: 3rd year PhD

wGPA: 3.83(?)

MCAT: 513

ECs: See post history. Pretty strong and diverse IMO.

Interview: Coming out I felt pretty terrible about it. But who knows.


Despite all my previous comments saying that I liked Queens. Queens sucks....Everyone please pick another school. I swear I don't have a hidden agenda...

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Result: Waitlisted , Accepted May 24 (12:34 MT)
wGPA: 3.81

cGPA: 3.7
MCAT: 130/130/126/127
ECs. Some volunteering, engineering projects during university, minimal employment, D1 NCAA sport at an American university
Year: Finished UG


I've been accepted to UofA, so will be attending there instead of waiting another month. It's easier to start planning etc. now, it's a cheaper school and my family is in Edmonton. I really loved Queens during the interview weekend but I think location has really made the difference for me. Good luck to the other waitlisters and hopefully my one spot will help somebody move up the list!


Edit: Offered acceptance off waitlist May 24th (1st Day)

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Result: accepted

wGPA: 3.9ish

cGPA: 3.9ish

MCAT: 521

ECs. Decent, two long term everything else within a year of applying

Year: 4th year UG

Interview: very surprised I got accepted given how poorly I felt my interview went. Will likely be turning down my admissions offer so best of luck to the wait list.

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TIME STAMP: 9:02 am

Result: Waitlisted
wGPA: 3.86

cGPA: 3.86
MCAT: 127/126/128/127
ECs. Teaching, Research, 1 pub, volunteering, student club exec, etc. Pretty average.
Year: Finished UG


Queens was always a long shot. Don't even know how I got the interview in the first place, but congrats to all accepted and best wishes to those on the waitlist!

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Can't believe I'm posting this... here's some hope for anyone who has a low verbal/CARS score!


TIME STAMP: 8:51 am

Result: Accepted !!!!
wGPA: 3.9 ish

MCAT: 127 (chem/physics) /125 (CARS)/130 bio/130 psych
ECs: distress centre counsellor, mentor/coach for 12 year old girl through a volunteer program, 2 publications (one 1st author, one 2nd), 2 publications pending after receiving reviewer comments, worked for three summer in UG in clinical research  

Year: Finished UG, been working for one year in clinical research since graduating 

Interview: MMI felt good, panel just felt ok 


This was my only interview so I will be accepting :)

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TIME STAMP: 9:03 am

Result: Reject
wGPA: 3.78

MCAT: 128 (chem/physics) /132 (CARS)/128 bio/132 psych
ECs: lots of theatre productions, refugee centre, literacy centre, hospital, lab, community centre, etc

Interview: I really disliked their choice of questions for the MMI but I felt okay about it. Felt good about the panel immediately after, but soon realized I had not answered as I should have. It was a good practice run for the next one though!


I've been accepted to my first choice, so not sorry about this, but honestly I think it was clear to Queens and to me that we weren't going to be a good match for each other. So at least the feeling is mutual and it worked out for both!

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Timestamp: 9:02 am

Result: Waitlisted

wGPA: 3.92ish

MCAT: 129/127/130/130

EC'S: VPs/exec in many clubs, non published research, large scholarship out of high school, varsity sports, various jobs

Interview: MMI went well I thought, Panel kinda meh

Year: finished 3rd year UG


So grateful for the waitlist, here's to hoping it moves! *crosses fingers*

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Timestamp: 9:01 am

Result: Waitlisted

wGPA: 3.82 (without summer courses included, not sure how Queen's takes them into account)

MCAT: 12/10/11

ECs: Lots of research w/2 pubs + conference abstracts, clinical observership, many extracurricular activities involving music, minor role in my graduate student union

Interview: MMI and panel I thought were decent, began to doubt myself after thinking about my answers. Initial reaction was positive though.

Year: 2nd year MSc


First time applying for me. Let's hope this thing moves and we all get some good news in the coming weeks. Believe!

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Timestamp: 8:56 AM 

Result: Accepted!!

Year: Just finished UG

wGPA: 3.84 (cGPA: 3.54)

MCAT: 508 (125 CARS/127 BIO/128 Physical Science/128 Psych)

ECs: I don't think they're too extraordinary - I really just focused on doing things that I am passionate about, so this led to a few long term commitments. Quite a bit of research (4 abstracts and a 1st author manuscript in prep.), exec in a few groups, volunteer tutoring and mentorship through various programs, 7 yrs of hospital volunteering, etc.  

Interview: I initially thought both panel + MMI went well, but I started to doubt my performance as time went by (I was convinced that I wouldn't get in this year)


I'm so incredibly grateful for this! Congratulations to all those who have been accepted somewhere, and for those of you on the waitlist - don't give up! :) 

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GPA: 3.92 cGPA, I am not sure what my two-year would be (much higher I believe)

MCAT: 12/10/15

Result: Reject[/font][/color]

Year: Gap year, graduated MSc June 2014

Interview: I thought I didn't do as well as I could have in the MMI on 2 stations and okay on the others. Panel was great I thought (and after 7 USMD interviews this cycle, I am able to judge a bit better than I used to!). To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I prepped every week since Oct with a professional service because I was waitlisted at Queen's last year without professional help and I thought I could only get better. I guess not:(

This was my top choice school. Congrats to those accepted and see you on the CARMS tour.

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Timestamp: May 10, 2016

Result: Accepted

Year: Graduated UG 2014

MCAT: 513

ECs: quite a few volunteer and work experience positions that I was committed to for a long time (4+ years) and showed growth in. A (very) little research, varsity sports

Interview: Thought it went pretty well.  I had already completed an interview at my first choice school so I just went into this one totally relaxed and myself. I guess it paid off! Was honestly not really expecting to get an acceptance from Queens, but definitely happy :)


I'm on the wait list for my first choice so if I get in there I'll likely be declining my offer from Queens.


EDIT: accepted to UBC so I'll be declining my offer from Queen's. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

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Result: Accepted!

Time Stamp: 8:51 AM EDT

2YGPA: 3.94

cGPA: 3.72

MCAT: 11 10 13 (PS VR BS)

Interview Date: Apr 2

ECs: Biomedical research in UG/Grad, clinical research, lead on a QI project, publications, conferences, awards, TA, leadership roles in UG/Grad, medically-related volunteering, employment at a hospital, sports and other fun stuff. Filled all of the available ABS slots with things that are meaningful to me.

Interview: Felt pretty good about this interview. Thought that the MMIs went really well, but I was just a little worried about the standard. I was myself and said everything that I wanted to, so I was definitely happy with it, I just got an uninterested/bad feeling from one of the interviewers. But I guess they were paying attention and interested enough!  

Year: MSc. Finishing up soon. 


I love everything about Queen's, I think it's an amazing school with amazing a program and beyond-amazing people. The QMed family definitely left a lasting impression... But I have been accepted to UofT as well, and I think I am leaning toward UofT at this point.. It would just be so hard to let go of Queen's. But if I go with my gut and take UT some space will open up for those people on the waitlist! Makes the choice a little easier. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those accepted! 

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Result: accepted

GPA: 3.87 (omsas)

MCAT: 127/127/129/127 (CP/BS/CARS/PS)

ECs: Lots of research, and mostly personal interest kinds of things. I don't think anything stood out as being extraordinary, but is quite a bit of continuity in my ABS in terms of the types/areas of activities I pursued.

Interview: I really thought I had absolutely no shot at Queen's after the interview... I wasn't confident with any of my MMI answers, and my panel felt more like an interrogation than an interview. Although - looking back now, I think I let myself just act like myself because I had almost "given up" after the first MMI station. But, I wouldn't recommend using this strategy for interviews...

Year: 1st year MSc

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