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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Result: waitlisted

GPA: 3.92 (omsas)

MCAT: 130/131/128/131 (CP/BS/CARS/PS)

ECs: I think they are pretty good, probably around average

Year: finished my undergrad

Interview: Thought traditional went very well and I felt okay about the MMI


I'm gonna be giving up my spot on waitlist, good luck to everyone

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Hi, I'm not OP but I'm a current Qmed student who was accepted with a 3.7 wGPA/ 3.4 cGPA from the general applicant pool. Please be careful not to make assumptions that lower stats = a member of a spe

Can't believe I finally get to post this... TIME STAMP: May 8, 8:43AM RESULT: ACCEPTED GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 515 ECs: Working RN, research, health-related volunteering, some RN-related provinci

ACCEPTED!!! Holy crap I can't believe this, I'm completely numb right now.  Time stamp: 9:31am EST cGPA: 3.75, 2YR: 3.9 MCAT: 131/127/130/125 (513) ECs: A lot of work (I graduated in 2018 from my

Result: waitlisted

GPA: 3.98 (OMSAS)

MCAT: 127/125/129/130 (CP/CARS/BS/PS)

ECs: Average, but fairly good more recently

Year: undergrad completed

Interview: Felt MMI stations were evenly divided between very good, average, and bombed. The panel also went well, but probably not the greatest in retrospect. 


As this was my only interview, I am not very confident about my chances. Getting ready to start studying for the MCAT again unfortunately. Back to the grind!

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Result: Accepted (St. George Campus - Ranked First)
wGPA: 3.89

cGPA : 3.82

MCAT = 514 (129/127/130/128)

Interview Date: May 2nd (?)

ECs: fairly extensive, varied and extremely applicable to medicine, filled most of the spaces for OMSAS and had a lot of variety in music, writing, healthcare related work, research etc to show my strengths

Interview: Definitely took me by surprise; first part went decently; second part I thought went really well (some strange questions, but overall fairly well)

Year: Graduated 2014, Non-Trad Allied healthcare professional


Have already declined this offer of admission as I will be accepting my offer at U of T. Hope this helps the wait-list move a little faster! :)

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TIME STAMP: 9 AM (ish) (May 10)

Result: Waitlisted

2yGPA: 3.99

MCAT: 34 (10/12/12)
ECs: Research, TA, volunteering, 2 abstracts, art commissions, scholarships, retail work (long term employment), 2 years co-op in hospitals.
Year: Currently a masters student.

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Result: Accepted off waitlist - 11:41am (Jun. 1)

2yGPA: 3.95
MCAT: 13/10/14
ECs: Work in a research lab (1 semester), cancer centre within a hospital (2 summers), orientation week leader and student society executive, co-authorship on one paper published, volunteering at a hospital for 3 years, shadowing a family doctor

Interview: Queen's was my first and I think my best one. MMI went well though I thought some answers could have been better (afterwards), I felt that the panel was relaxed and easy-going.
Year: UG 4th year


Excited to be coming to Queen's! Loved Kingston when I went for the interview and the current students were awesome!

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Result: Accepted! 

cGPA: 3.9 (my weighted is lower at queens)  

MCAT: 514 (127 in verbal)

ECs: Very research oriented. Multiple publications and long-term employment. Nothing too extraordinary compared to many on this forum.

Year: Graduated undergrad in 2016

Geography: IP


I thought I completely bombed the interview. The panel felt cold and for 2 stations, I was cut off due to time. I really thought I had no shot here because of the interview but I guess post-interview thoughts mean nothing. 


EDIT: have accepted my UofT offer instead. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

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Result: Waitlist, accepted on May 24th 1:11 PM EST

Timestamp: 9:43 AM

GPA: 3.90

MCAT: 128/129/130/128

Year: 4th year undergrad

Interview: Had a lot of fun. I really liked the MMI questions, but realized after that I may have bombed one. I also enjoyed the panel and felt that it went well.

Geography: IP

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Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp: 9:34 AM

GPA: 3.89

MCAT: 512

ECs: Hospital and club stuff, some unique long term hobbies, diverse community service work, research. Pretty well-rounded.

Year: BSc. Complete

Interview: MMI was meh, a few great stations and the rest felt alright. Panel had meaningful conversation and for the most part was pretty chill.


Congrats to those who were offered acceptance today! :)

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Result: Waitlist

Time Stamp: 6:23 AM (PST)

wGPA: 3.83 

Year: Graduated UG

MCAT: 517 (127 CARS)
ECs: Diverse and pretty long term: >500 hours hospital volunteering, 1st author pub, research grant, long-term employment, volunteering with kids and other populations, mentoring in school and out, club execs etc.

Interview: Was my first med interview, so nothing to compare it to. I thought some MMI stations went great, others were ok. Panel went alright but over this past month I've been wishing I answered a bit differently. Time will tell!


Congrats to those accepted! 

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Result: Accepted

Time Stamp: 5:53 (PST)

cGPA: 3.30

2YGPA: 3.99
Year: Last Year of Second Undergrad

MCAT: 13/11/11 (35)
ECs: Paramedic, Hospital Volunteer, First Aid Volunteer, Tutoring, Research (no pubs), Sports etc etc (PM for Full)
Geography: OOP (BC)


First and only interview, felt really good doing it, had a lot of fun. Will be accepting, looking forward to meeting some of you

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Result: Accepted

Timestamp: 8:48 am

GPA: I forget how the wGPA was calculated, my transcripts say 3.99 

MCAT: 516

ECs: Nothing hugely unusual. Executive member of a strings orchestra for three years, exec on a student union, edited for a few student publications. I was published as a sole author in two student journals.

Interview: MMI felt so-so, panel felt very strong

Year: 3rd year, but graduating this year with a BA (took courses over the summer, etc.)


Very excited for this offer, but I will be declining. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

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Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp: 9:41AM

GPA: cGPA below 3.7, wGPA 3.78

MCAT: 513

ECs: Lots of clubs, intramural sports, volunteering and average research. Some unique experiences.

Interviews: Felt like I did my best but some stations were a bit difficult. Panel was easygoing and conversational.

Year: Gap year student


So the wait continues! Best of luck to everyone :)

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Result: Accepted

Time Stamp: 8.50 am

wGPA: 3.52
Year: PhD in 2015.

MCAT: 132/127/132/130
ECs: 17 pubs, about 10 first author (one first author in Nature). Long term volunteering with the elderly and kids.

Interviews: Went well. Last year I knew I was screwing it over while doing it. This year practiced a lot. Like A LOT.
Geography: IP


Good luck to those on the waitlist! Was there myself last year. Not a fun place to be in.

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