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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Hi, I'm not OP but I'm a current Qmed student who was accepted with a 3.7 wGPA/ 3.4 cGPA from the general applicant pool. Please be careful not to make assumptions that lower stats = a member of a spe

Can't believe I finally get to post this... TIME STAMP: May 8, 8:43AM RESULT: ACCEPTED GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 515 ECs: Working RN, research, health-related volunteering, some RN-related provinci

ACCEPTED!!! Holy crap I can't believe this, I'm completely numb right now.  Time stamp: 9:31am EST cGPA: 3.75, 2YR: 3.9 MCAT: 131/127/130/125 (513) ECs: A lot of work (I graduated in 2018 from my

Result: Accepted

Timestamp: 8:46 EST

4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.90? Not sure

MCAT: 514 (129/128/129/128)

MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Both went pretty well, mmi felt better than panel so was expecting a Waitlist. 

Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sat Mar 27

ECs:  Definitely best part of my application. Lots of research and a few first author pubs in high IF journals (6+ years), diverse work in “non-trad” fields, major awards/scholarships, professional certificates. Volunteering in areas I am passionate about. 

Year: Msc (lab work) done

Geography: IP

after a few cycles it feels incredible... all I can say is what’s been repeated so many times; keep trying if it’s your dream.

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Result: Accepted

Timestamp: 8:46 AM

4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.98 or so

MCAT: 523 (132/128/131/132)

MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt good about the MMI, with 50+ hours of interview practice under my belt. I was way less confident about the panel; I don't think I raised any red flags, but some of my answers felt unstructured and rushed. 15 minutes passes by quickly!

Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sat Mar 27

ECs:  Some pre-COVID volunteering and a few undergraduate and high school clubs. I tried to present a consistent theme across the type of clubs I joined so I could more easily summarize my interests and experiences. Two summers of research, but no pubs. Really interested in research though; I tried to sell myself as a future clinician scientist based on my consistent interest/involvement in my field of research over time. 

Year: Just finished 3rd year undergrad

Geography: IP

I can't believe I got into Queens! I thought my chances were super low compared to other schools, since I heard Queens has a reputation for accepting more mature/older students. Although it wasn't my top choice when I applied in October, I really grew to love the school based on my experience with interviews and post-interview activities, as well as from talking to current students. I have a tough decision to make now between Queens and Mac...

Congrats to everyone else who was accepted! For anyone else, good luck in future cycles!!!

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Result: Waitlisted


2YRS: 3.96

MCAT: 516 

ECs: Diverse, strong, leadership. 2nd author pub.

Interview:  thought it was my best ..panel was actually fun. whaddya  know :) 

In-person or Virtual: V

Year: 2020 grad

Geography: IP

Removing myself from the waitlist. All the best everyone !!!!

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Result: Accepted

Timestamp: 8:46 AM

2YRGPA: 3.93 CGPA: 3.93

MCAT: 520

ECs: Part of a research study but no pubs, long term hospital volunteering, clubs, small business, intramural sports. 

Interview thoughts: I felt really mediocre about it. Was not expecting a panel interview. Panel was really hard to judge because there was some lag and it's only 5 minutes.

Year: Graduated 2019

Geography: IP

Guaranteed interview from last year: Yes

The RELIEF!!! Honestly, getting the email I felt more relieved than happy I think. The waiting and suspense year-after-year killed it, which is why the post is delayed. Appreciate everyone on this forum, couldn't have done it without some of the resources and people on here! Not sure if I will be accepting yet, have the privilege to decide between Mac (niagara), Western, and Queens!

Congrats to everyone who received offers! To those on the waitlist, I feel your pain, tough it out, and worst case, you know how close you were, readjust and be sure of it next time! To those that need to reapply, I know it's tough, believe me, but you learn something through every cycle. Keep your head up, be smart about what you can and need to change and kill it next year!

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The waitlist moved today and I got in! Reposting for stats. 


Result: Accepted off of the waitlist

Timestamp: 11:27AM EST 

4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.96/- 

MCAT: 520 (130/128/132/130) 

MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: I felt like I was at the top of my game for the MMI. While the panel interview started kind of bad, I think it eventually got better and better with a strong finish. 

Panel Date: Sat March 27

Year: 3

Geography: OOP


Honestly, I can't believe it. I've spent the past two weeks in a bit of a depression because I got rejected from my in-province school. Queen's was my top choice all along though so I'm so shocked that things turned out exactly how I wanted them to be. Can't wait to meet the QMed Class of 2025 in September! :)

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19 hours ago, seaberry said:

If you apply while entering your fourth year, is it possible that your wGPA would include both 3rd and 4th year?

No, as they only get the grades from the OMSAS deadline. Otherwise they’d have to recalculate everyone’s GPa. 

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Posting for the benefit of future applicants :)


Result: Accepted off waitlist, May 26

4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.97 / 3.99 (Yr 1: 3.94, Yr 2: 3.93, Yr 3: 4.00, Yr 4: 3.99)

MCAT: 513 (128/127/127/131) 

ECs: Well-rounded. Diverse and wide-ranging. Unique. Good-quality entries in every ABS category. Most importantly -- these were things I enjoyed spending time on.

Year: Completed BSc in May 2020, followed by employment

Geography: IP

Starting QMED at the end of August!

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