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Where is my rejection!

Guest JK

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I still haven't got it yet, and considering interviews have started, I don't think I got an interview,

but really, it would be nice if they actually sent out rejections after we waste our time on their applications.


ANyone else still waiting to here anything from queens?>

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Guest TimmyMax



While this may not be an appropriate suggestion, if you're in need of closure, maybe you should consider emailing the admissions office at Queen's. I know that in my case, the post office lost my invite and after hearing everyone else rejoice/lament about how they'd at least heard something, I got worried, emailed them expecting a reject and found out I had an invite! So maybe this is an avenue you may want to check out b/c it may be a long wait for anything- they were supposed to send me a hard copy of my invite along with the events/info mailing, but it has yet to show up in my mailbox. Of course, that may be due to the fact that I live out in the sticks, but sometimes you just never know!


Best of luck!


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