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Master's or Another Undergrad degree?

Guest stone07

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Guest stone07

Hi, I've just completed my B.Sc. in a Biochem co-op program. I wrote the MCAT a second time and got a pretty good mark 34Q (13 verbal, 10 Phys, 11 Bio). Problem is my GPA is subpar 3.2/4.0 cumulative gpa. I'd like to go to med school so I'm contemplating pursuing a Master's versus finishing another undergrad degree in Psychology to boost my GPA. It was the first and second year physics and chem courses that brought my gpa down. My Fourth year's gpa was 3.75/4.0 but other than 1st and 2nd year its my only complete year as co-op interuppted my schedule so 3rd year was divided into two half semsters..many med schools that look at two best years only consider them if 30 credits or more were taken. I took a few electives, including upper year courses in Psych and overall my marks were between 80-85%. So i'm pretty confident I can pull of a good gpa in the year and half or so it would take to complete a second degree (compared to two years Master's and only 2 courses to boost GPA, and most schools ignore Master's gpa). Therefore, what would be the best route? Go for the prestige of the Master's and the publications(though I already have my name on one in submission from my Co-op work) vs. boosting my mark but possibly wasting a year in undergrad if i still don't get in? But, the latter at least increases my chances of getting my foot in the door and meeting cutoffs for the interview. It seems the undergrad will help for that first step and the Master's will be good for the second half of the process? What does everyone think would be the best route?

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