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Who is considered a rural applicant?


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Probably on the lower end of the scales they provide on the application site. Maybe <20000, you could probably get away with slightly more.


If you're thinking of Northern Ontario Med and you're from a larger city, the questions are fairly broad and allow you to incorporate a whole of experiences that could prove you are a good candidate for their program.


Just keep in mind that class size is about 56 and at least 50 spots will go to Aboriginal applicants, the rest to Francophones. The purpose of the school is to train such applicants who will then live and work in the Aboriginal communities up north. It's not meant to be an easier school to get into, to get the degree and then move back to the big city. So unless you have some solid experiences to show that you are dedicated to this group (if you are not of Aboriginal ancestry) and that you will be willing to spend a substantial amount of time living and working with the communities, then I would not bother applying. Of course, if you have the extra cash to spend then you could just take the shot...but I wouldn't be too hopeful unless you specifically fall into the prefered group.


If you're not talking about NorthOntario then I think same population numbers still apply and hopefully someone found this post informative.

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I know pretty much nothing about NOSM, but I find this hard to believe. Someone else, is this true re: NOSM?


"The mandate of the Admissions Committee of NOSM is to reflect the demographics of Northern Ontario in the medical school class. To this end, the following groups were given modest advantage in the admissions process: applicants who have spent 5 years or more in Canadian rural, remote or northern urban communities, Francophone applicants, Aboriginal applicants. There is no advantage in the NOSM admissions process for those applicants who have lived in rural or remote communities outside of Canada."





The 50/56 is more of an unwritten rule. Obviously due to political correctness they can't say that if you're white, black, or asian you have no place at the school. But they target Aboriginals specifically. I know someone who's sibling is enrolled in the first NOM class, and said there is only 1 person who doesn't have an Aboriginal or Francophone background or is not from a Northern rural area.

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there is only 1 person who doesn't have an Aboriginal or Francophone background or is not from a Northern rural area.


I think the last few words of that sentence are the most important. It's much more beleiveable to think that most spots at NOSM are dedicated to people from Northern rural area; instead of "to Aboriginal applicants, the rest to Francophones". Of course, not all people that live in Northern Ontario are of aboriginal descents or francophones.


It makes much more sense now.

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I am part of the charter class of NOSM and it seems to be some pretty strong confusion as to the demographics... For example out of 56 students there are:


11% aboriginal

18% francophone

78% from northern ontario

10% rural areas of rest of Canada

5% rural southern ontario

66% female

34% male


I am not sure if this helps to clear things up a little, but for the person who said that "if you aren't aboriginal or francophone" don't apply I would like to point out that the 2 NOSM classes so far are diverse in background, age and experiences as well as demographics such as those above. The school definately is strong in its social accountability mandate, which is a very positive thing in my opinion. If there are any other concerns about NOSM and the rural thing I would be happy to help!!

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