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MCAT prep method without physics background


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody can give me advice on how to prepare for MCAT in my situation. Sorry to be asking a seemingly identical question to the 1000 other threads, but I looked through a lot of them, and I didn't find what I was looking for. I took high school physics and I did take organic and phys. chem and bio in 1st year at U of T. I didn't take physics, however. So my question is whether I should take a prep course (I'm leaning towards TPR based on the feedback from these forums) or just buy an MCAT prep book and study myself. Is one of the options better for me since I have no university physics? Also, even though I took all the other sciences, I don't really remember much from them since it's been a couple of years. Do the prep materials cover the subjects in enough detail for someone who's been away from sciences for a couple years (I'm a psych/english major)? I'm very versatile when it comes to learning so whether it's self-study or a prep course makes no difference in regards to my motivation. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Yoda,


The last time I took physics what in high school over 10 years ago. I used EK physics + the 101 series and studied on my own. I looked over each section in EK physics and then did the cooresponding 101 questions. When I was confused (which wasn't often -- those EK books are pretty good) I clarified with a text book. My practice scores for AAMC exams ranged from 11-13 for the PS section.


Just so you know, its possible to do this on your own. Don't waste your money on a prep class unless you need the structure. If you don't understand a concept or question from EK, you can post it on their forums and one of their staff will answer it within a couple of days. BTW, the general forums on the EK webiste seem to have been abandoned... but scroll down the the bottom to view previous posts which are very helpful.


Good luck with your studies!

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