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Barron's Guide to Medical and Dental Schools for sale - Lower Mainland, BC

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Hi Everyone,


I bought this book when I briefly considered attending a US Dental school. It has basic information on every Medical and Dental School in the US so this book is GREAT for those interested in going South for Medical or Dental School.


Barron's Guide to Medical and Dental Schools 10th Ed.

- A complete career guidance manual and directory

- Profiles of all AMA, AOA, and ADA accredited medical, osteopathic, and dental schools

- Plus advice on how, where, and when to apply, how to maximize your admission chances, and how to finance your professional education

- sample MCAT questions

- 25 sample medical school application essays

- Original Price: $26.50

- Sell for: $20.00


I am currently a dental student at UBC and can meet up during the days when I am at UBC (versus VGH).

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