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US School grade conversion

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody at any Ontario Schools knows anyone who had done undergrad at a US school and how their grades were converted.

The reason I ask is that by looking at what %ages compared to GPAs are in Ontario, they are extremely different compared to how it is down in the US.


A: 93-100 = 4.0/4.0

A-:90-92.5 = 3.7

B+:87.5-89.5 = 3.3

B:83-87 = 3.0

B-:80-82.5 = 2.7


I was just wondering if they take this into effect when OMSAS calculates it, anybody know? Thanks!

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I go to a small Private University in Minnesota. Typically, a competitive GPA is anywhere from 3.5-3.7/4.0 for medical schools with roughly the same MCAT scores as canada. That grading scale is typical for most classes at my school and we have nationally ranked nursing/physical therapy/science programs, however there are some profs that raise the bar a little. It was a little weird my first semester down here when I received a B+ for a 90 on a paper, that was definately a shocker.


Here's a link to all US medical schools.


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