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RE the secondary application

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Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone's willing to divulge contents of the secondary application?


I will be applying to UoA this cycle for sure...so I guess I could always pay for it and then see the questions...but, if anyone can share what kind of things they ask, I'd appreciate it before the money comes off my credit card =)




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No essay is required. They take your verbal mark as part of the algorithm they use instead of requiring an essay. So the only writing is your volunteer, extracurrics, personal attributes, etc - much like all of the other western schools.


What is the algorithm they use?

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Details on what is involved with the secondary applicaion can be found at:




Personal Attributes Section (complete online in secondary Medicine Web Application)


1) Employment Record: include dates, brief description of the nature of the work and your responsibilities, as well as your employer's name, email address or telephone number

2) Awards or Achievements: list any awards/achievements that you have recognition for

3) Leadership Roles: list and briefly describe areas where you have provided a major leadership role

4) Volunteer Work: include dates and number of hours worked as well as the name, email address or telephone number of a contact person who serves in an official capacity at the organization and a brief description of your responsibilities

5) Diversity of Experience: these may include but not limited to work, travel, career choice, sports, arts, fluency in other languages and research



All important dates are listed at the website below:




References and Secondary Applications are both due Nov 15



Finally, MCAT verbal mark makes up 5% of the application. The overall selection algorithm can be found here:




and from what I remember the MCAT verbal breakdown is as follows:


T = 5/5

S = 4/5

Q&R = 3/5

O&P = 2/5

M&N = 1/5

J,K&L = 0/5

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thanks swedeboy!


I tried to complete the intial completion. But under academic program, I can't select Medicine or faculty of medicne, etc! anyone have the same problem>?


ummm...nope. it should definitely be listed under there. sorry i can't be of more help (it should be something like MD undergraduate etc.)

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