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Hi there,


Not all surgical specialties are equal inre: lifestyle. Relative to other surgical specialties, e.g., General Surgery and Neurosurgery, the lifestyle of Plastics is quite nice, i.e., the hours aren't too bad. The money is certainly very good as well, as I found out (for real) when I recently worked in a Plastics practice during my core rotaation. The surgeon mentioned that, from his cosmetic service alone, he pulls in around $400K per year, and his practice consists of 40% cosmetic work.


The other aspect to consider is that there are relatively few Plastics spots up for grabs each year. The law of supply and demand applies quite nicely here.




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I'd definitely agree that part (most?) of the allure of plastics is the heavy remuneration for the relatively light hours and cushy lifestyle. There's never a shortage of clients either, because people always have something about themselves that they wouldn't mind changing...

Come to think of it, doing gas for elective plastics cases can be quite lucrative, if I remember correctly...bwhahahahaha (evil laughter)!

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