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Anyone out there get AAMC to remark MCAT?..what are chances of them making an error?


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Hey everyone,

I hit a really low MCAT this August. In particular, my bio was 6 and I have no idea how that happened. I felt that was the best bio I've ever done. I thought must be minimum 9...and I got a 6!!! I can't believe this....I felt like I understood all the passages.

Is there anyone that has had their MCAT remarked and changed? I am also quite sure I didn't bubble incorrectly because I am very careful about that....but you never know.

Also, I never hit that low ever on any practice tests. I was hitting 9s and 10s. I did Kaplan and Princeton Review tests. This is really bizarre!


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I am currently going through the same thing but with verbal reasoning. I have already sent my rescore request to AAMC and expect to hear from them within a month.


With the sciences, that is a bit more weird than I think with verbal. Coming out, I had a pretty good idea what I had gotten and I was pretty much bang on for both.


I'd suggest you send the rescore request in, even though AAMC and others have made it clear that mistakes are very rare. Sending it in is certainly worth it, especially since I did relatively well on the other sections.


In case you are curious, I got a




WS S ...a 31S with a wacked-out verbal.

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Hi there,


I wrote the MCAT alongside someone who didn't end up liking her WS score. She requested a review/remark of that section and she ended up having her score bumped by two grades. Therefore, it can happen.




Hi Kirsteen,


Would you mind elaborating on how to request a review for the WS? I got a 34O, and I'm quite dissapointed about the WS. I'm pretty sure it can't get much lower if it got remarked...


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kirsteen,


Would you mind elaborating on how to request a review for the WS? I got a 34O, and I'm quite dissapointed about the WS. I'm pretty sure it can't get much lower if it got remarked...


Thanks in advance!


I can help you out with that.


From MCAT Essentials


Requests for Rescoring Paper Tests

The AAMC and the MCAT Program Office maintain a

variety of quality control procedures to ensure the

accuracy of scores and score reporting. Multiple-choice

answer documents are scored by machine, and the results

of this process are extremely accurate. Each of the

Writing Sample essays is read and graded by two

different sets of readers, and any differences beyond one

raw score point are resolved by a supervisory reader.

However, if you think a scoring error has occurred, you

may request that your multiple-choice answer documents

be rescored by hand. Answers recorded in the test book

will not be considered in this verification process. The

result of rescoring the multiple-choice answer sheets by

hand will be reported to you in writing. The response

letter will either confirm that your original scores were

correct as reported or you will be informed of the

corrected scaled scores for each test section. Raw scores

will not be disclosed. Answer sheets or test booklets will

not be examined for indications of misgridded answers.

This is a determination we cannot make.

The fee to rescore the answer documents for the

multiple-choice sections of the MCAT exam is $50.

This fee applies whether you want one, two, or all

three multiple-choice sections rescored.

You may also request that your Writing Sample essays

be reevaluated. Essays will be read and graded by an

experienced reader external to the original scoring

process. Copies of essays will not be released or

provided to examinees. The fee for rescoring your

MCAT exam essays is $50. If you wish to use this

service, you must write to the MCAT Program Office,

P.O. Box 4056, Iowa City, IA 52243, noting on the

envelope “Attention: MCAT Rescoring Service.” In

your letter, identify yourself by your full name, Social

Security number (SSN/SIN) or the ID number assigned

to you by the Program Office, mailing address, and

telephone number. Specify the date of the test and the

sections of the test you wish rescored, either the three

multiple-choice sections, the Writing Sample, or both.

Also, explain why you feel rescoring is necessary.

Enclose a check, money order, or credit card information

(MasterCard or VISA 16-digit card number, expiration

date, amount, and signature of cardholder) for the full

fee: $50 to rescore the multiple-choice answer

documents, $50 to reevaluate the Writing Sample essays,

or $100 to rescore both the multiple-choice sections and

the essays.

We will not process rescoring requests until all scoring

and data analyses following the test date have been

completed and your scores have been reported to you.

Requests for rescoring must be received at the MCAT

Program Office within four months after the test date.

The results of rescoring the multiple-choice answer

documents will be reported to you about three weeks

after we receive and begin processing your request. Due

to the time involved in imaging the essays and the nature

of the essay scoring process, essay rescoring will require

additional time to accomplish (up to 4 months after the

request is received). However, you will be notified of the

outcome as soon as possible. NOTE: If rescoring results

in scores that are higher or lower, revised score reports

will be sent to you and AMCAS, but you are responsible

for sending the new scores to other score recipients via

the MCAT THx System online at http://www.aamc.org/mcat.



Hope that helps.

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Guest mdhopefully

so if the new writing score is lower then what you originally had you would not have to release it oh lets say to omsas?

also if you dont release the new score to omsas would this falsify your application?

also one more question if it takes four months wouldnt it be too late to be significant?





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It looks like the computer is very accurate, but I am still skeptical because I've never hit such a low bio. Also, I felt like it was the best bio I've ever done.



Did you have a chance to check over your bubbleing? If there was a mistake that could definetely explain a lower than usual score.


I misbubbled in physical, I noticed it but I ran out of time before I had a chance to make sure I had corrected it all,...talk about stress.

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