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Fyi: Some answers to common OMSAS questions

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This is an email I received from OMSAS (It's the automatic reply to any email sent to them). It answers some of the questions I saw asked in earlier threads, so I thought I would post it.



The status of MCAT scores on "Verify Receipt of Your Application" is

now current. If your scores are still showing as pending, you need to do

one or both of the following:

- email OMSAS with your AAMC ID number

- go to the MCAT Request site, and release all scores to OMSAS



We are now up to date (within a day) with the keying of references. If any of your references are currently showing as outstanding, please contact

the appropriate referee and have him/her resend the documents.


Please note that the October 2 deadline for receipt of references is

not a strict one; however, keep in mind that the schools do require your

references in order to assess your file. OMSAS will forward references to the

medical schools whenever we receive them. It will be up to the individual

schools to decide whether or not they will take them into consideration. For

further information, please contact the schools directly.



Applicants will be able to view and/or print their submitted application on the OMSAS website, beginning November 1.



Changes to the autobiographic sketch and/or school submissions are not

possible after applications are submitted. Demographic changes can be

submitted to OMSAS via email. Please include your name and reference

number in your email.


All academic records will be reviewed prior to the files being sent to

the medical schools. Please check your verification report carefully, to

ensure that any necessary corrections have been made.

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As an additional note about references...


I phoned on Tuesday b/c one of my referees was still not posted as received. I was told that it's still ok, that UoT is the one who asks for their letters first the rest want them from OMSAS a bit later. Get the letters in ASAP but you should be good if it's posted over the next few days.

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Hi Darla, did they tell you when U of T usually requests their letter? I've been having communication problems with one of my references overseas, so I finally just gave up on it and got somebody else to write me one, and it should arrive at OMSAS sometime next week. I'm just worried about U of T already having asked for the letters now!

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