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Verifiers: How many do schools call?

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For those that applied before or are currently in med school: When do the med schools call your verifiers and should you tell your verifiers(like 30 of them) that someone will be calling?

Or is it true that med schools just pick random verifiers to call or those that look anomalous and if you have no anomalous ones they won't call?


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i am planning on apply with omsas next year.

how exactly does it work? we write down ALL the references for every major and minor things that we have done since age 16? by extracurricular..is that being just a regular club member, a club executive, volunteer for 1 day is considered, or volunteered for 2 years?


Hi there,


Correct and correct. Any item that you include in your sketch or essays warrants having a reference.


There is limited space available in which to list your activities, so you should choose wisely, and by doing so, you may not have room for some of the more minor activities, i.e., a one-off, one-day volunteering role.




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