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ambiguous % range

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everybody always asks for help converting GPA to UBC's % scale and gets directed to the OMSAS conversion tables but they dont seem to answer the question....so please bare with me

how can a letter grade for example equate to a % range? if an A+ = 90-100% is this 90% or 100%? it cant be both or is it maybe halfway in between? if someone had only A+'s all through university they would not post their marks as 90-100%, at least not on these forums....any insight would be appreciated. thanks

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Hey there,


Regarding the above, by piecing together information from a number of different admissions folks, and from my post-rejection reviews (and questioning the folks there about it), I managed to come up with a fairly close rendition of the conversion scale. (It's on my other laptop, though.) Mind you, that was a couple of years ago now, and things could have changed. :)




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