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Genetics at Athabasca


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I took the athabasca genetics course. I liked Athabasca, because they let me take it at my own pace, so I could tear through it in a month or so (I wrote the challenge exam, after going through the course material). Of course, I do pretty well with self-directed stuff, so it may not be for you if you need a lot of support. They did, however, send out the wrong exam for me when it was time to write it. They sent the exam for an old version of the course (one that emphasized the lac operon pretty extensively apparently). I had to contact AU, have them send out the right exam, and rewrite it (for which I only boosted my mark by 1%, but oh well). Anyway, if you're pretty self-directed you'll probably like Athabasca courses. I did. Hope that helps.


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