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official requirements......totally true?

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hello guyz........:)


I am just starting to look at various careers in the health field. Hope you can answer a question I have about the Dentistry admission requirement.


From the faculty of dentistry (at UOFT) website, I learned that the requirements are and ONLY are:


1, GPA

2, DAT

3, Interview performance.


I wonder if it is totally true. Don't they at all look at the extracurriculars of the person (how active he is, voluntary work etc) as do medschool?

Do they ask for references?


And finally........are the requirements of other dental schools (other than uoft) very different or are they kind of the same ?

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I had thought so all the way........until my friend (who wants to be a dentist) told me that despite non academics not being an official requirement, the admission committee does look at that (stuff like voluntary work, extracurriculars and all).


So.............does your final word stay put? Nothing more than the big 3's?

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