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Prerequisite courses NOT completed at time of application?

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I totally missed this on their webpage and already submitted payment for application:

For degree applicants, it is recommended that all prerequisite courses be completed by the end of term one.


I am in my 4th year and am completing one half English course in my first term and another next term. Is this okay with Alberta? How would they go about calculating my prereq GPA (since it IS used pre-interview)?


Thank you!

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Yeah, true. Any progress on verifying your VR score with AAMC, Kuantum?


Thanks for your concern :) . The MCAT Program Office has received my rescore request and they will get back to me in about three weeks. However, that was about five days ago, so I expect something in roughly two weeks.


Also, I have contacted UofT, Queen's, and UBC letting them know about predicament. I still need to contact Alberta and Manitoba.

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