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Canadian Residency Documents?

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Under FAQ in the Instructions handbook, it states that you can send in a copy of your Immigration Record of Landings or Permanent Resident Card to prove that you're a Canadian resident...I was wondering if those of you who were born here sent a copy of your birth certificates? And those of you who are citizens (but not born in Canada) - did you send a copy of your passport or citizenship card?


I know that it does not explicitly ask for documents to prove citizenship...but I'm wondering if we're expected to submit it since it was under the FAQ...


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,


Although I haven't had a look at the FAQ you mention above, I'd assume that this stipulation is for those who are not citizens of Canada. (Citizens and residents being different entities, i.e., the latter generally applying to those who have immigrated here.) I'd also assume that there is a checkbox somewhere within the application where you can note that you are a Canadian citizen. If so, and if it is not mentioned elsewhere that proof of citizenship is required, then I wouldn't do too much. (If proof of citizenship is required, then a copy of the photograph page of a passport or birth certificate generally suffices.)




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