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missed physics........absolutely required, helpful or not needed ?


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hey........cool people........have a doubt.


I am in the 2nd year undergrad now. Did not take any PHYSICS course in the first year (took everything else like MAT, BIO,CHEM etc).


Considering that I would apply to med and/or dentistry in my 3rd (and 4th) year, do I need to get the first year physics course (say, in my summer after the 2nd year) at all?


Many of my classmates did take it or are planning to take it still. But I noticed that atleast the UOFT medschool doesn't require Physics as a pre-req. I guess the Dentistry school doesn't either.


But then would the Physics course be very helpful if I am to write the MCAT/DAT? Don't people usually take courses like Kaplan/Princeton in preparation and I guess everything for MCAT/DAT (including physics) would be covered there?


Bottomline...........please lemme know if I DO need to take Physics for WHATSOEVER reason ???

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Hmm, I don't think any med school in Ontario requires it.

I also believe that if you think you can learn the physics yourself (for the purpose of taking the mcat) by doing indepenent study, then don't waste your time taking a physics course, especially if you don't need it for the schools you're applying to.

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1. Good for the MCAT, unless you already have a good foundation (and just need to refresh) or you're the type that can learn it independently and in a short period of time.


2. Some schools require it as mentioned above.


3. Somewhat helpful for medical school.

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