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Canadian applying to US schools


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Hello all, this is my first post but I had a question regarding my general competitiveness as a Canadian student applying to American schools.


I have a CGPA of 3.46 with the last two years being about a 3.8.


PS: 12

VR: 9

BS: 14


I've done 2 summers of laboratory research, a lot of extracurricular and a lot of volunteer both in and out of the medical community.


Can anyone give me a general competitiveness rating???


thanks a lot for your replies.

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If you can afford to drop a quarter of a million in an escrow account, I suggest applying to a battery of American schools....your MCAT score will land you a few interviews, where you should probably have an explanation for your early/low GPA years that makes you look good, or at least impresses the interviewers with the maturity/self-awareness you display.


At some schools, international applicants need to be more competitive, but there ARE US schools that treat canadian applicants the same as the american ones, so you'd have a much better shot at them.

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I agree with what HandSolo said, your MCAT score will help you. Your GPA is a little low (US schools look at cGPA and science GPA, no best 2 years or last 2 years like in Canada). I'd start by the list of schools accepting Canadian students which can be found here: http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19065


See where you're competitive and take it from there. I would apply to many schools rather than a few. Hope this helps!

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You have a great shot at American schools if you don't apply during this cycle. Aim for next cycle and get that application in EARLY. I am willing to bet good money that you will get accepted at AT LEAST ONE US MD school, probably more though.


If you apply now you are at a disadvantage because so many people have interviewed already. See previous threads for more info about when to apply and why.


Your GPA is low but not that low. Your MCAT is superb and will be a critical factor in your acceptance(s). Your profile sounds similar to mine but you have a much better MCAT. Just get that essay right and do well on the interview.


Money is a HUGE factor. You will need to plop down ~$200,000 US to attend school and that doesn't include application fees, travel for interviews and living expenses while in school. If you can somehow swing the money for that (I am NOT rich but I somehow was able to, so you should be able to as well) then the US looks to be the place for you.


At this stage Canadian schools only care about GPA so your chances is Canada are not good. Your chances in the US are very good. If you want some personal advice or have specific questions PM me.

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