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Curious about the MCAT

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This is my first time applying to U of S and I am wondering about the exact way in which MCAT defines how an OOP student is picked/not picked for an interview. I know the cut offs are 8's on all, with one 7 or an M.


So does this mean that if you have one 7 or an M on your written you may still progress on to an evaluation of your GPA, or does this mean that there is a pile for the "one 7 or M" crowd that is somehow chosen AFTER those with the higher MCAT's.... I have been reading their website but I cannot figure out how the process takes place. OR if you have one 7 but meet the other cut offs you go on to the GPA stage and your MCAT scores then become irrelevant. Or is it your GPA that starts the process?


I am just wondering because I have a 4.0 GPA for my two years, I am an older student, and I have a great MCAT except one little 7 that was a total shock and dismay for me...I guess I am pondering whether I should even bother applying... or if I should write the MCAT again in January and leave this for another year....


I am really torn, and Any input would be much appreciated! again I would be an OOP so responses with an OOP angle would be really really helpful!:) Any med students at UofS out there who are OOP who can comment?


Thanks for any input!



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Hi there,

You should apply for sure!

The MCAT is pass/fail, and you are allowed one 7 or M, so you will 'pass' the MCAT requirements for U of S, and they will look no further into it! For interviews, they will base it on the GPA after you met the MCAT requirement. You need to convert your GPA into a % average for your best 2 years, because thats how they will be ranking applicants :) No one really knows what the cutoff for interviews for this yr b/c of weighting changes (40% interview vs 24% before) but i reckon it should be lower than 90.5% which was what the cutoff for last yr was for oop students, so apply if u have more than 87% as the web suggests :).

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