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I guess you probably don't have to answer them, but what's the harm?

I think the 'other schools' part might show that you are willing to move to become a doc - you aren't heck-bent on attending only one school. Besides, you have to be prepared for this in the event that you don't get your first place carms match spot and may have to move to a different city. I think it probably shows your committment to the profession - you'll go anywhere to do it.

As far as the 'backup plan' thing, if you answer that your alternate plan is to enter law school, then that may show that you're not really all that committed to med school (I'm just assuming here - I don't have nay concrete evidence). Also, I think that they want to know that you are indeed mature enough to realize that it is very competitive and that you do have plans for you life in the event that you do not make it into medicine, even if only for this year.

Of course you could lie on both of these accounts and they'd probably never really know, but personally I do think it is a really good idea to have a backup plan because you just never know if the year you apply is the one where all the nobel laureates are you competition...

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