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Dentistry Autobio letter


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In the instructions for McGill's autobiographical letter, initially it says the letter should not be longer than 3 pages. However, further down, after mentioning what the first page should include, it states "the remaining 3 pages". Also, someone in another thread mentioned their "4-page autobio letter" for McGill.


So which is it?

- 3 pages + one page about why you want to do dentistry = 4 pages total


- 3 pages, in which the first page discusses why you want to do dentistry = 3 pages total

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i would keep it 3 to be on the safe side. also, when i checked the pdf file that has guidelines http://www.mcgill.ca/files/dentistry/Autobiographical_letter.pdf, it says three pages. not worth putting another page and risking losing it all. i know they say first page, then three more, but i really think they just copied and pasted from the med school application guidelines. hope that helps- even if its not what you wanta hear :P

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