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Where is Everyone?

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Hello fellow applicants to the 2007 entry class;


this board is way to quite.... where are you all? how are you doing? are you starting to get a bit excited/scared about hearing from ubc potentially in a month or two?


how do you spend your time (outside studying)?


Myself: I have started to read again some novels and follow up with news etc. Am quite broke with all these applications' fees etc (applied to a number of US schools); so, have to do some additional extra work hours etc.


I feel that I am getting slowly but surely conscious about happy/sad notifications....


Any body likes to share someting?



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I am just happy I am done my phys chem and inorganic chem labs for the term. THe most difficult term I have had since starting university all while discovering I don't like chemistry as much as i thought i did. However, I still like biochem and organic...anyways...i'm not really expecting too much from UBC, I'm a 3rd year OOP.

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Wow Leviathan! That sounds pretty darn intense!


I am not applying this year as I am only in second year, but I amazingly happy that I kicked organics mean little a-s-s and am currently just relaxing and enjoying the holidays. After such is a busy semester it is so nice to have absolutely nothing to do everyday.


Hope all of you are having good holidays!



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