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Full year equivalents (six units of course weight) in each of:


* General Chemistry (including Inorganic Chemistry) IB Chemistry (Higher) with a grade of 6 or 7 will meet one half the General Chemistry requirement.

* Organic Chemistry

* Biology (Microbiology, Zoology, Genetics, Botany, Physiology, Bacteriology, Immunology, Entomology) IB Biology (Higher) with a grade of 6 or 7 will meet one half of the Biology requirement.

* Physics (DOES NOT include: Astronomy, Astrology or Music & High Fidelity) (U of A Students: Physics 114 will NOT meet our requirements)

* English Courses offered by the Department of English. Preference for one full year of English Literature courses, or one half year of English Literature and one half year of English Composition. (DOES NOT include Classics, History or Philosophy) Ontario Residents: Grade 13 English DOES NOT fulfill the English Requirement

* IB English (Higher) with a grade of 6 or 7 will meet the English Requirement.


Half-year equivalents (three units of course weight) in each of:


* Statistics

* Biochemistry (Introductory)



It seems a little ridiculous that we have to take an ENGLISH course... rather than just one that involves expository writing. Is it possible to use an international relations course, or some sort of other humanities course that involves extensive reading, writing and research?


Or does it have to be an ENGLISH course... literature, and so forth. You'd think that they'd emphasize not just the writing, but the critical thinking... which compared to some of the other essay-writing courses... literature/english courses... really do not require.


Ignoring my aside, the question being whether another humanities/social science course with extensive expository writing involved can be substituted for.


Addendum: I guess it doesn't really matter if I just take the English course the summer right before the fall one starts at U of A. Can that work? Or do all the prerequisites have to be completed prior to applying? My concern isn't so much the marks, literature is a breeze, as much as I'd rather not waste a course during my regular year honing my BS abilities.

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You'd have to call the admissions office and ask them if whatever courses you have or are interested in in taking at whatever school would be considered credit in english.


I know that your pre-req's don't have to be done at the time of application, but I'm not sure whether you can leave it as late as the summer. I don't see why not, as long as you have it before you start, but that's just me speculating and you'd have to find out for sure from them.

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