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Guest Gem2005

Hi everyone,


I know that the interview's are over, and many are awaiting anxiously the verdict, but this long wait has made me think of a great way to perepare for med school interview's that could be beneficial for many. I was thinking what if for next year we could have a link where there could be interview questions posted that people would respond to, and others give their opinions on the responses,Just like a real interview (depth, honesty, does it answer the question?, is it too personal?...).As long as we keep it on ethical grounds, and people can respond and analyze as they feel comfortable within limits.



I just think that the interview is such an important part of admissions, and sometimes we dont see ourselves, or get lost in the answer, or never thought of the questions that could be asked and how we would answer it.


So please, Ian and everyone else let me know what you think abaout this. It is just an idea, but on this site there are links to preparing for the interview, what if we added actual interview's and comments?



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