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Hi there,


For anyone who might have received a happy wee note the other day from UofC Admissions with an interview invitation, first of all, congratulations! Also, there might have been a bit of an error made within it, i.e., in an effort to get the e-mail out as soon as possible, everyone's names were inadvertently included on the e-mail but were not blind-copied. I've heard that the Admissions Office did this inadvertently--this was completely unintentional--but in the few scant seconds wherein it was realized that all of the e-mail addresses had been laid bare, the e-mail had been irretrievably sent out. With respect to this, the Admissions Office feel quite badly and apologize profusely.




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I'm sure nobody cares about others knowing about their success. Screwing this up on the rejection notices would be a different story.


Personally, I liked getting all those other email address because I just made $2.53 selling the list to a spam company :D Brace yourselves for tons of "Hello I an Mbulu Mumbaku son on the late President of ........"


Only joking.

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